Notion Planning 2021 Template

Create your over-arching vision + break it down into goals, projects + tasks, planned out over days, weeks + months.

  • Planning: Journal, Week, Month, Quarter, Year
  • Goal setting: Goals, Outcomes, Manifesto
  • Actions: Task, Project, Content Calendar

Notion Course SOP’s + Workflows

Keep your course running smoothly by tracking your standard operating procedures + workflows.

  •  Workflows
  • Documentation
  • Tools Database

Notion Resource Hub Template

Everything you need to collect and save important resources.

  • Learning Dashboard
  • Collect + Process Dashboard
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Notes + Ideas
  • Tags
  • People
  • Words + Wisdom
  • Inspiration
  • Copystalking

All-in-One Personal HQ

Personal/ Entrepreneurial focused pages, databases + dashboards with relational databases already connected.

  • Projects
  • Areas: Body+Mind+Spirit, Recreation, House + Home, Personal Finances, Relationships
  • Business: Client Portal Template
  • Resources: Knowledge Hub, Notes + Ideas, Tags, Words + Wisdom, Inspiration, Copystalking, People
  • Planning: Goals, Outcomes, Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Journal
  • Dashboards: Actions, Projects, Learning, Content Hub, Focus, Collect + Process, Ideation, Connect, Garden

Notion Content Hub Template

Get the pages + databases I use to manage my content inspiration + creation, plus my Ideation Dashboard.

  • Notes + Ideas, Quotes and Inspiration
  • Topics + Tags
  • Content Format and Type
  • Content Planner
  • Ideal Client Persona’s

Notion Course Operations  HQ

Essential databases and dashboards for running your online course.

  • Standard operating procedures, tools + workflows
  • Your products, services + proposals, sales, expenses + financial goals
  • KPI goals + your team

Get access to all of the databases that I use to run my life and business on Notion when you join Notion Mastery. Learn about joining Notion Mastery.

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Notion Body of Work Workbook 

Notion Entertainment Database Template

Goals, Practices and Journal Template

Notion Meal Planning Template

Gardening Dashboard

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Many of our templates are beginner-friendly. If a template is more advanced, and requires a strong knowledge of relations and rollups, we will specify that on the sales page.
Depending on the complexity of the template, it will come with some written and/or video instructions.
Depending on the template, we tend to make updates 1 or 2 times per year. We’ll notify you if we make substantive changes to a template you’ve purchased so you can access the most up to date version.
Since the templates are a digital product that you receive instant access to, they are non-refundable.